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Search Room Spotlight – Clogs

Search Room Spotlight – Clogs

Since the New Lanark Conservation Trust was formed in 1974 we have acquired a number of objects either found during the restoration process or graciously donated by the public. Initially, we had no intention of creating a collection but have now managed to acquire a large collection of artefacts, books, archival documents, photographs, architectural drawings, and much more which are now all housed in the New Lanark Search Room. Each week, we will give you an up close and personal look at a featured item from our collection.

This week’s Search Room Spotlight: Pair of Lanchasire-style clogs

Pair of Lanchasire-style clogs

Pair of Lanchasire-style clogs

The item pictured is one of three pairs of wooden clogs that were donated to New Lanark. The boots are incredibly heavy and durable, made of leather with wooden soles and metal plates on the bottom as well as in the toe. These wooden clogs are similar to the 19th century Lanchasire style clogs that originated in Lanchasire, England. The Industrial Revolution gave rise to the popularity of clogs being used by workers in the mills, mines, and factories as they required strong, cheap footwear that was easy to repair. Further research indicates that many weavers adopted the wooden clogs while working in the mills which leads us to believe that these wooden clogs could have very well been used by the weavers at New Lanark during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Look out for next week’s Search Room Spotlight! You can find out more about the New Lanark Search Room on the New Lanark website.

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Holly – New Lanark Archive Intern 

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Grand days out with the Grandchildren in Scotland

Grand days out with the Grandchildren in Scotland

With the summer holidays fast approaching families across the country will be wondering to take the kids on a day out? Luckily for us in Scotland we have a fantastic range of attractions, parks and fun places to visit. As part of our Summer Blog programme, we’ve pulled together a list of days out in Scotland we think would be fantastic for Grandparents to take their Grandchildren. Keeping everyone happy with some nature, a bit of history & the chance to learn…and a nice hot cuppa at the end of the day!

New Lanark World Heritage Site – Visitor Centre 

First up is the Visitor Centre at New Lanark World Heritage Site. New Lanark is an 18th century cotton spinning mill village which became famous under the enlightened management of Robert Owen. In 2001 the village was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site of ‘outstanding universal value’. Today visitors can learn about the fascinating industrial heritage and social history of the village through our award-winning Visitor Centre. Attractions in the Visitor Centre include the Annie McLeod Experience Ride (which takes you back in time!), the Roof Garden, Working textile machinery (where we now produce New Lanark wool), Housing Exhibits, the School for Children and the Village Store – complete with retro sweeties! We have a range of facilities on-site including the Mill Café, outdoor picnic & play areas, WiFi in selected areas, free accessible toilets & baby change and a beautiful Mill Shop which sells a range of gifts, homeware, clothing, books, accessories and of course, New Lanark wool! For those who love the great outdoors our village is situated on the banks of the River Clyde, and is the gateway to the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve which is home to the famous Falls of Clyde waterfalls. Enjoy a woodland walk to see the Falls and then return to the village to enjoy a New Lanark Ice Cream – made on site!

During the summer months we offer a programme of fun craft workshops for kids and daily guided tours of the village. To find out more about visiting please visit our website at www.newlanark.org or feel free to contact us with any enquiries at [email protected] / 01555 661345.

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Pittencrief Park 

There are three seperate play areas at Pittencrief Park in Dunfermline! This public park of outstanding quality was gifted to the people of Dunfermline by Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish born American industrialist and philanthropist. There you can also enjoy woodland trails, nature spotting, green houses and the Rubbings Trail. Don’t forget to look out for the resident peacocks!

Pittencrief Park

Photo credit: Fife Council Flickr


Scotland Street School Museum 

Scotland Street School is a must-see for fans of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and tells the story of education in Scotland from the late 19th century to the late 20th century. In telling the story of education during this time, Scotland Street School Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. Find out what school days were like in the reign of Queen Victoria, during World War II, and in the 1950s and 60s, in the three reconstructed classrooms.

Photo credit: Glasgow Life website

Scotland Street School

Glasgow Science Centre

The Glasgow Science Centre is home to hundreds of interactive exhibits throughout the three engaging floors of the Science Mall. There’s also Scotland’s biggest IMAX Cinema, the Glasgow Tower and a programme of fascinating live shows.

Photo credit: Expedia

Photo credit: Expedia

David Livingstone Centre

The David Livingstone Centre is a child-friendly museum with hands-on exhibits and packed with items relating to David Livingstone’s explorations in Africa. The museum is set in 20 acres of parkland and gardens overlooking the River Clyde with woodland walks, a play park and a Nature Explorers Club that runs once a month on Saturday mornings. A shop and cafe might tempt you and these plus the grounds are free to visit.

David Livingstone Centre

Photo credit: the National Trust for Scotland website


With all of these great locations on your doorstep there’s more than enough to keep the grandchildren entertained this summer! If you’d like to find out more about visiting New Lanark, and our programme of tours and craft workshops over the summer please visit: www.newlanark.org, call us on 01555 661345 or email [email protected]

Melissa – New Lanark Marketing and PR Officer

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A tour of building restoration work at New Lanark

A tour of building restoration work at New Lanark

Here in New Lanark we are surrounded by tenement buildings which are rich in history and each have their own story. For example, Caithness Row was named after the highlanders who came to settle and work in New Lanark when their ship, intended for America, was brought into Greenock due to weather damage. David Dale had heard of this and sent a representative to Greenock to offer jobs and a place to live. Housing has always been a key feature here in New Lanark as David Dale offered free housing with good living conditions for their time, which was uncommon in this era. David Dale’s generosity was simply due to the fact that he believed those who worked in New Lanark should live in New Lanark because of the remote distance in which it is located. It was not practical to travel to New Lanark. All of the buildings in New Lanark have been restored today in their own unique way, for example, Robert Owens house has been renovated to look like what it once was when Mr Owen and his family lived there in 1799.

Double Row beside the River Clyde

Double Row’s beautiful riverside location

Double Row is the only building on the site which is yet to be restored. The riverside building has been empty and redundant for the past 42 years, however, is currently undergoing a restoration process and is set to be finished by December, 2016. The first 7 tenements will be town houses which are available to purchase and design inside. However, the 8th tenement, also known as the Museum Stair, which is now a Scheduled Monument will be interpreted in a CAVE (Computer Aided Virtual Environment) in a part of the New Lanark Visitor Centre so visitors can virtually experience being in a ‘room within a room’ throughout the decades of Double Row’s inhabitation.

Today we went on a ‘Hard Hat’ tour of Double Row and had an opportunity to view the restoration work so far. We were able to walk up the scaffolding which is currently surrounding the building and were lucky enough to view inside to see the layout of the tenements. We were also treated to some beautiful views of the Clyde! When inside Double Row you are able to view the 5 stories of each tenement and can visually imagine what it used to look like as the outline of the fireplaces are still visible. With the help of modern day technology, the Museum Stair will have a 3D tour which will allow visitors to view a digital version of what life was like in the past and you will even receive a guided tour from David Dale himself… well, with a little help from technology of course.

We were able to speak to the Land Engineering contractors who are in charge of the restoration work who explained what they had to do in order to restore the building.

Double Row was renovated partly in the past, around the mid-80’s, however, that was only to keep the building standing. Building conservation methods have advanced since then so the workmen have to change the tiles on the roof to match the modern day style. This is a long and strenuous process and has taken time to change the roofing slates and also to clear the debris left inside.

We look forward to seeing the restored Double Row later in the year. Here are some more photos from our Hard Hat Tour of Double Row…

Ronan Moore – New Lanark Marketing Intern

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

You can find out more about the Double Row Restoration Project on the New Lanark website. 

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New Lanark Mill Shop – A new shopping experience!

New Lanark Mill Shop – A new shopping experience!

“The Mill Shop – More than just a gift shop…”

New Lanark Mill Shop; a place where New Lanark visitors can visit at the end of their day to relax and peacefully browse through the vast range of products that the shop has to offer. From books and homeware to gifts and New Lanark wool, the New Lanark Mill Shop’s product range offers a wide variety for all different types of customers. The Mill Shop was once located on the ground floor of Mill 2, however, it was relocated to the floor above in summer 2014, which provided the shop with a new lease of life and customers with a new shopping experience.

Mill Shop - Harris Tweed Birdies

Three little Harris Tweed Birdies…

The Mill Shop is currently managed by Julie Brown. Julie Brown has an impressive, diverse career before managing the shop – jobs ranging from interior design to owning her own business. Julie is fairly new to New Lanark and has already put her own stamp on the site. One of Julie’s key ambitions for the Mill Shop is to emphasise and promote New Lanark’s Organic, home-spun, tartan. The Organic Tartan is a blue/green colour with a subtle purple and a hint of yellow shining through – shades all inspired by the River Clyde and New Lanark’s woodland surroundings. The tartan is the world’s first Organic Tartan certified by the Soil Association.

Mill Shop - New Lanark Organic Tartan

The Organic Tartan display in the Mill Shop

If you visit the Mill Shop you will be able to see the Organic Tartan range for yourself . New Lanark staff will also be wearing a piece of New Lanark’s other tartan fabric (non organic), perhaps in the form of a skirt or a waistcoat. Julie hopes that the Organic Tartan can be used in other parts of the site, for example, in the New Lanark Mill Hotel or in the Leisure Suite. However, Julie is still in the early stages of the developing the tartan product range – and one day hopes to introduce a core range of own brand fabrics and perhaps introduce some seasonal fabrics.

Mill Shop - gifts and homeware

Some of the Mill Shop’s beautiful gifts and homeware selection

New Lanark is visited by a range of difference audiences: whether it’s a family day out, wedding guests or an elderly couple going for lunch. One thing they all have in common is a visit to the shop. This is because the shop has such a diverse range of products to offer and can suit any customer. Currently, the books are a big seller which proves that there is still some appreciation for a hardback book in this modern age. Julie is looking to improve the food section they currently have on offer by getting more local produce from farms nearby in order to broaden the range. Julie also wishes to improve the children’s toy area.

Mill Shop - New Lanark Wool & Textiles

New Lanark Wool & Textiles – spun on site!

The Mill Shop was recently a host on Worldwide Knitting Day (Saturday 18th June). New Lanark was one of over 1000 events taken place across 57 countries. We were overwhelmed by the response to Knitting Day as local knitters came down to knit in a social environment, trading tips and advice with each other. We even had two visitors from Austria who added New Lanark Knit Day to their list of ‘things to do in Scotland’. Due to the success the knitting event brought us we are going to be hosting one every month! The next knitting event is scheduled for the 31st of July. An amazing, social event for knitters, who have proven that you can still connect and socialise with people without the use of technology.

Within the Mill Shop Brooks Menswear, a local company, showcase some of the finest gents fashions made in Scotland including an excellent range of lambswool Hawick Knitwear, Harris Tweed jackets and cashmere and lambswool scarves. From July 2016 the Mill Shop will also be joined by Joules – Established in Britain over 25 years ago and crafted with true British style and eccentricity, Joules designs upbeat, colourful clothing, footwear and accessories for women who live life to the full.

Mill Shop - Brooks Menswear

Brooks Menswear in the New Lanark Mill Shop

The Mill Shop compliments the rest of the site here at New Lanark as it allows you to take a little piece of New Lanark heritage home with you. The products in the shop are linked with the hotel, for example, the soap used in the hotel is sold in the shop. Julie hopes the same can be done with the tartan in the foreseeable future.

The New Lanark Mill Shop is not just a ‘gift shop’ which people may believe. It is its own unique, branded shop which sells a vast range of products suitable for any age. The Mill Shop is a fundamental part of the site as it truly reflects what New Lanark has to offer.

The New Lanark Mill Shop is open 7 days a week – we’ll see you soon! (9am – 5pm Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm on Sunday)

Ronan – New Lanark Marketing Intern

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10 family days out in Scotland you can’t miss!

10 family days out in Scotland you can’t miss!

Wondering where to take the kids this summer? There are some fantastic family days out right on your doorstep – from historic New Lanark to zoos & pools!


1. New Lanark World Heritage Site

The historic village of New Lanark is the perfect location for a family day out this summer! There’s so much on offer you could easily spend a full day here – from exploring our award-winning Visitor Centre to enjoying a woodland walk to see the famous three ‘Falls of Clyde’ waterfalls!

New Lanark is a cotton-spinning mill village which was founded in 1785 by David Dale & Richard Arkwright. Over 200 years later the village has been recognised as one of Scotland’s 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of ‘outstanding universal significance’.

The New Lanark Visitor Centre is open 7 days a week, and during the summer holidays we run a programme of craft workshops and daily guided tours. UK Tax payers can ‘GiftAid’ their Visitor Centre admission making it valid for a whole year – meaning you can visit again and again!


An award-winning Visitor Centrevisitor-centre-banner

Packed programme of events, exhibitions, crafts & tours…whats-on-banner

Over 200 years of fascinating social history & industrial heritage. Plus the stunning Falls of Clyde!


2. Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park


Image credit: Blair Drummond Facebook page


3. Chatelherault Country Park


Image credit: Visit Hamilton


4. M&Ds Theme Park


Image credit: M&Ds website www.scotlandsthemepark.com



5. Deep Sea World


Image credit: Deep Sea World Facebook page


6. Calderglen Country Park

Calderglen Country Park 3_2106668550

Image credit: Visit Scotland


7. Biggar Puppet Theatre


Image credit: BBC CBBC website


8. Summerlee Industrial Museum

1New Image26_470960748

Image credit: Visit Scotland


9. The Time Capsule


Image credit: Visit Scotland


10. National Museum of Rural Life


Image credit: Visit Scotland


As you can see there’s a huge selection of fun days out for families to enjoy this summer! You can find out more about visiting New Lanark on our website at www.newlanark.org 

Melissa – New Lanark Marketing and PR Officer

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Historic letter marks 100 years of history at Double Row

Historic letter marks 100 years of history at Double Row

Double Row is currently being restored as a block of modern tenements which will be sold as a shell and the new tenants will be able to customise this new living space in their own way. Over the many years that Double Row has stood, people from multiple different generations have been able to call the tall standing building, with the scenic riverside view, their home. Along with all the history that surrounds us at New Lanark lies a beautiful story involving the Double Row building and a family who lived there.

Double Row and River

The Double Row tenement block at New Lanark

In 1906 James and Sarah Savage moved to Double Row and started a new life, raising their children in the town of New Lanark. One of their children, Henry Savage, was born in 1927. Henry Savage had a daughter called Maria Mannion – maiden name Savage. Maria kindly reached out to us at the New Lanark Trust to discuss the Savage family who lived at Double Row and to provide an insight on the life of her historic family.

Henry Savage and family pic. Double Row residents.

Henry and Margaret Savage. Mary Savage aged 7/8 years old is standing next to her mother.

Shortly before Maria Mannion reached out, a woman called Allison MacDonald contacted us to tell us about a letter which her father, Arthur Kelly, found whilst working for a construction company who took part in the first wave of restoring Double Row in the 1980’s. The letter was found in an attic room of the building, tucked into a notebook used for stamp collecting. Allison went on to further explain how the letter was addressed to Miss Mary Savage who is the great aunt of Maria Mannion. The letter was sent to Mary Savage from a friend from Country Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1916.

Allison MacDonald and her family came to New Lanark to meet with Maria Mannion, her husband Dermot and her cousin Sally who is also a Savage descendant. This was an emotional time for both the families as Allison passed over the letter which Mary Savage was meant to open in 1916 to Maria Mannion (Savage) who eventually opened it in 2016.

This historic letter had been reserved in an attic in Double Row and in the safe hands of Arthur Kelly for 100 years and has finally been delivered to a descendant of the Savage family. Originally, Allison MacDonald had asked if we wanted to keep the letter here in our archives, however, due to the emotional connection to the letter Maria Mannion decided to keep it and return home with it to where the letter was once sent from 100 years ago, Northern Ireland. A fitting end to a truly moving story, a letter written 100 years ago finally with a descendent of the family and returned back to where the letter was written and to where the family originated from.


Savage family at New Lanark.

Savage family at New Lanark.


Arthur Kelly, Sally, Allison Macdonald and Maria Mannion.

When Arthur Kelly, Sally, Allison MacDonald and Maria Mannion came to meet us at New Lanark!

You can find out more about New Lanark’s Double Row Restoration and the House History Project on the New Lanark website.

Ruth Beattie, Lead Researcher says “The ‘House History’ project is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn more about New Lanark’s people in the early 20th century and bring to light family stories and memories. We look forward to hearing from past residents or their relatives, and would encourage anyone with a story to share to contact us using the details below.”

Anyone with information, photographs or artefacts they would like to share should contact Ruth Beattie at New Lanark Trust on:


Ronan – New Lanark Marketing Intern

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New Lanark Mill Shop Father’s Day Gift Ideas

New Lanark Mill Shop Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Take a look at the range of perfect Father’s Day gifts we have in our Mill Shop! From Brooks Menswear Clothing & Accessories to cuff links, wallets and soap – there’s a gift to keep all dads happy! The Mill Shop is open 9am-5pm Mon-Sat and 10am-5pm Sunday.

We also have a range of socks and jumpers made using New Lanark wool available in multiple shades.

(Father’s Day is this Sunday 19th June)






The New Lanark Mill Shop offers a superb range of contemporary gifts, books & Scottish produce. Taking centre stage is New Lanark Wool & Textiles which include yarn produced on site, knitting kits and a selection of textiles. The shop also features gents fashions from local retailer Brooks Menswear.The New Lanark Mill Shop is also the home of the world’s first Organic Tartan, which is exclusivley sold here through a range of beautiful throws, bags, purses and accessories.
Brooks Menswear, a local company, showcase some of the finest gents fashions made in Scotland including an excellent range of lambswool Hawick Knitwear, Harris Tweed jackets and cashmere and lambswool scarves. They also have an extensive choice of shirts, trousers and jackets as well as their very successful gift range from Old Guys Rule.
We are delighted to announce that in July 2016 Joules will be launching in the Mill Shop! Established in Britain over 25 years ago and crafted with true British style and eccentricity, Joules designs upbeat, colourful clothing, footwear and accessories for women who live life to the full.

Melissa – New Lanark Marketing and PR Officer


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The best free days out in Scotland

The best free days out in Scotland

Everyone who visits Scotland loves our castles, lochs, whisky and tartan – but there’s so much more to discover! From our fascinating museums to hidden waterfalls and beaches, there’s history, heritage and beauty round every corner just waiting to be found. Here at New Lanark World Heritage Site we don’t have a monster in a loch (maybe in the river?!) but we do have activities that visitors of all ages can enjoy for a different experience of Scotland. In this blog post we have compiled a list of a selection of ‘free’ days out in Scotland to enjoy, including a walk to the famous Falls of Clyde which are right on our doorstep and many under an hour’s drive away!


Falls of Clyde Waterfalls & New Lanark

The famous ‘Falls of Clyde’ consists of three magnificent waterfalls on the River Clyde – Dundaff Linn, Corra Linn and Bonnington Linn. Within the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve, you can enjoy a woodland walk to see all three of the Falls – taking in the beautiful surroundings and wildlife spotting as you go! The gateway to the Falls is located in the village of New Lanark, an 18th century mill village which is now recognised as one of Scotland’s 6 World Heritage Sites. New Lanark is located less than 1 hour from Glasgow and Edinburgh and has many attractions and facilities on-site including a Mill Café, Shops, Visitor Centre, Hotel & more.


The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is located in the centre in Edinburgh, just off the Royal Mile. The diverse collections will take you on a journey of discovery through the history of Scotland, the wonders of nature and world cultures – all under one roof. Entry is free and donations are welcome! (By car, just over 1 hour from New Lanark)


Riverside Museum

The multi-award winning Riverside Museum is home to over 3,000 objects that detail Glasgow’s rich past from its days as maritime powerhouse to a glimpse into daily Glasgow life in the early to mid 20th Century. Amongst the objects on display are everything from skateboards to locomotives, paintings to prams, velocipedes to voiturettes, vintage cars to a stormtrooper, there really is something to delight visitors of all ages.​ (By car, just under 1 hour from New Lanark)

#zahahadid #riversidemuseum

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Galloway Forest Park

The Forest Park has everything you need for a great day out, whatever the time of year. Meet red deer and wild goats, choose from two scenic Forest Drives, follow in the footsteps of Robert the Bruce or picnic beside a peaceful loch. This is also Scotland’s first Dark Sky Park – one of the best places to stargaze in Europe. (By car, around 1.5 hours from New Lanark)

Such a pretty place 🚣🏞 #scotland #gallowayforestpark #camping #lochdoon

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Beaches in Scotland

Visit Scotland: “Golden sands, turquoise waters, peaceful bays and tumbling waves … there are few finer places than a beautiful Scottish beach on a warm summer’s day! With thousands of miles of coastline and more than 700 islands, Scotland boasts beaches to rival even the most tropical holiday destination. Each is ideal for long walks or relaxing with a tasty picnic, but you’ll find plenty of other things to keep you entertained, too: wildlife watching, fossil hunting, thrilling watersports and much more…”

Enjoy this stunning birdseye view of Broughty Castle, Broughty Ferry beach and the Tay Estuary. All this, just 5 miles from Dundee city centre. An incredible shot [email protected] ・・・ #castle #beach #lovedundee #broughtyferry #sunseasand #scottishbeach

A photo posted by ONE CITY, MANY DISCOVERIES (@dundeecity) on


Glenfinnan Viaduct

Visit Glenfinnan: “This wonderful piece of late Victorian construction is a site to behold. Completed in 1901 the viaduct was the first structure in the world to use at that time the new building material Mass Concrete. Over 100 feet in height and made up of 21 arches this viaduct is a beautiful piece of engineering and is a glorious sight. The viaduct has now gained notoriety as it has been used in many of the the Harry Potter films. Do you remember the “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” with the blue Ford Anglia flying around the engine and the viaduct?” (By car, just over 3 hours from New Lanark)

Glenfinnan Viaduct. Still minus a steam train 🚂. #Glenfinnan #glenfinnanviaduct #lochshiel #visitscotland #instascotland

A photo posted by Kyle Macintyre (@macintyrekyle) on


Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park

Loch Lomond is the largest body of freshwater in mainland Britain. It has been used by generations of Scots and visitors for boating, water skiing, bathing and picnicking, or just enjoying the unique atmosphere and scenery. Loch Lomond can be reached in just under an hour from Glasgow City Centre! Find out more on this website. (By car, just over 1 hour, 15 minutes from New Lanark)



One of Europe’s finest towns, St Andrews is a place of history, learning and culture, a wonderful coastal resort, and the world’s home of golf. (By car, just under 2 hours from New Lanark)



Glencoe is perhaps Scotland’s most famous and most scenic glen. Glencoe is also arguably Scotland’s most historic glen, and it was recently voted as Scotland’s most romantic glen. Recently featured in James Bond Skyfall!


New Lanark is the perfect base for exploring the rest of Scotland. As well as being located on the banks of the fantastic Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve, we have a range of accommodation options on-site to suit all budgets and tastes including the New Lanark Mill Hotel, Wee Row Hostel and 8 self-catering cottages. Visit our website to find out more!

New Lanark aerial 2010 - 100827 - 1559 (Medium) (Small)

Aerial view of New Lanark World Heritage Site

Melissa – New Lanark Marketing and PR Officer

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Roof Garden Diary – June 2016

Roof Garden Diary – June 2016

Now, after a long cold  Spring, we have a heatwave!  The stars of New Lanark Roof Garden this month are surely the geraniums.  These sturdy plants can cope with most conditions and they bring a mass of gentle pink to the summer garden.  And there is a lot more to look forward to!  The shrubs and other plants will soon be in bloom and we hope butterflies will visit, perhaps even the Painted Lady species from Africa that has already been spotted in the south of England.

“They will be surrounded by gardens, have abundance of space in all directions to keep the air healthy and pleasant: they will have walks and plantations before them, and well cultivated grounds, kept in good order, as far as the eye can reach”.
(Robert Owen, 1817)

Click here to find out more about visiting the New Lanark Roof Garden

Liz – New Lanark Guest Blogger

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10 reasons to visit New Lanark this summer

10 reasons to visit New Lanark this summer

From Ice Cream to our Interactive Gallery, there are so many reasons New Lanark is the perfect location for a day out this summer!


1. New Lanark Ice Cream

Summer always calls for a delicious ice cream! As of May this year, the entire production process for New Lanark Ice Cream takes place in the village of New Lanark! All of the profits from New Lanark Ice Cream are returned to New Lanark Trust to reinvest in the upkeep & development of the village. So, every time you have a cone you’re contributing to keeping the village available for lots of visitors to enjoy in the future!

New Lanark Ice Cream awards

Scottish ice cream is pucka 👌🏻👌🏻 #jaffacake #jammydodger #icecream #newlanark #scotland

A photo posted by Rebecca Allpress (@rebeccaaa_oxo) on


2. Clearburn Picnic & Play Area

After being redeveloped in September 2014, Clearburn Play & Picnic Area is a real hotspot for families at New Lanark in the summer. We even won the Hudsons Heritage ‘Best Heritage Picnic Spot UK’ in March 2016! With lots of fun play areas and picnic tables it’s the perfect setting for a picnic in the sun. Don’t miss the magical storytelling dome & willow tunnel! Entry to Clearburn is free.

People enjoying Clearburn


3. Woodland walk to Falls of Clyde

The village of New Lanark is located on the doorstep of the gateway to the Falls of Clyde wildlife reserve which is managed by the Scottish Wildlife Trust. Take a woodland walk in the reserve to spot lots of native animals like badgers and otters, and wonder at the beauty of three magnificent waterfalls! Entry to the Falls of Clyde Wildlife Reserve is free. 


4. Lots of picnic areas

We’ve already mentioned Clearburn as a fantastic picnic area, but we have lots of areas at New Lanark to make the most of the nice weather! Enjoy picnics at the Waterwheel, in Robert Owen’s Garden, in the walkway down into the village and even on our Roof Garden! (see point 5)


5. Roof Garden

At New Lanark we have the largest Roof Garden of its kind in Scotland – at an incredible 9,000 square feet! The garden is located on the flat roof of one of our Mill buildings, and has spectacular views across the village and to the first of the Falls – Dundaff Linn. Entry to the Roof Garden is included in the price of our Visitor Centre tickets, and you can also buy a ticket just for Mill 3 which includes the Annie McLeod Experience Ride, textile floor and Roof Garden.


6. Interactive Gallery

We all know that sometimes summer in Scotland doesn’t mean sun! For the days when it’s a ‘bit dreich’ we have the fantastic Interactive Gallery Soft Play Area. Located in Robert Owen’s School for Children this is a treat for the senses with bright colours, sounds, shapes and textures for children to enjoy. Entry is £1.50 per child with a Visitor Centre ticket, or £3 per child without (for up to 2 hours play). Under 1’s and adults go free!

Interactive Gallery


7. Daily Guided Tours

For the history buffs, or just those who’d like to know more about the fascinating history of New Lanark village we will be running a Daily Guided Tour throughout the South Lanarkshire summer holidays (25th June – 14th August). What was a piecer? How were Robert Owen and David Dale related? Why did the workers wear no shoes? Join us to find out! Guided Tours are an additional £2 on top of your Visitor Centre ticket and can be booked at the New Lanark Visitor Centre Reception. Places are limited per tour. Tours leave from 2pm at Visitor Centre reception. (no tours on 17th or 28th July) 


8. Craft Workshops for Kids

Monster puppets, wind chimes, dinosaurs and more! These are all of the fantastic crafts children can make at our Craft Workshops running throughout the Scottish summer holidays. Workshops must be booked in advance by calling 01555 661345 (Lines open 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri). Workshops are £3.50 per child or £2.00 with a Visitor Centre ticket. Running from 1-3pm in the School for Children.

Week 1 – 28, 29, 30 June – Hot Air Balloons

Week 2 – 5,6,7 July – Make your own underwater world

Week 3 – 12, 13, 14 July – Make your own Jungle/Jurassic world

Week 4 – 19, 21 July – Glass Jar Painting

No crafts on the week of Antiques Roadshow

Week 5 – 2,3,4 August – Monster puppets

Week 6 – 9,10,11 August – Wind chime making



9. Mill Shops 

The Mill Shop offers a delightful range of gifts, homeware, Scottish produce and New Lanark Wool which is spun on-site using our historic textile machinery. From the end of July we’ll be stocking British clothing & accessories brand Joules in the Mill Shop. In the village we also have a Village Store which stocks lots of traditional ‘sweeties’, retro toys and fun souvenirs! The Mill Shop is open Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm, and Sunday 10am – 5pm.

Organic Tartan range

The world’s first Organic Tartan collection – sold exclusively in the Mill Shop

10. Mill Café 

If you’ve worked up an appetite and it’s not quite picnic weather outside, then just head for the Mill Café at New Lanark! Located in an old mill floor, the Mill Café serves up a range of delicious home baking, hot lunches, tea, coffee and New Lanark Ice Cream all day. (Monday – Saturdya 9am – 5pm, Sunday 10am – 5pm)

New Lanark Mill Café


If all of those reasons aren’t enough, on-site we also have the New Lanark Mill Hotel, Mill One Bar & Mill One Restaurant and Wee Row Hostel. New Lanark is located less than a 5 minute’s drive from the historic Royal Burgh of Lanark. In Lanark you can visit the High Street shops, Castlebank Park, Lanark Loch and Racecourse!

Melissa – New Lanark Marketing and PR Officer

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