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January 17, 2018 at 4:45 am

New Lanark Organic Tartan

New Lanark Organic Tartan

New Lanark is home to the world’s first Organic Tartan. The Organic Tartan is certified by the Soil Association. The tartan is made using 100% organic wool from HRH The Prince of Wale’s flock at Duchy Home Farm, in Gloucestershire. Our tartan here in New Lanark is a blue/green colour with a subtle purple and a hint of yellow shining through – shades all inspired by the River Clyde and New Lanark’s woodland surroundings.

Why do we have Organic Tartan?

New Lanark introduced the Organic Tartan range in order to honour our Scottish connections. The unveiling of the tartan was on the 27th of November 2015, just before St. Andrews Day. The Organic Tartan represents New Lanark, not just due to the colours included in it but also because of the uniqueness that the tartan has to offer. Both New Lanark and the Organic Tartan are unique in their own ways, however, can both represent each other in their own way.

What is the Organic Tartan being used for?

New Lanark Organic Tartan is currently sold in the New Lanark Mill Shop and is sold through a variety of products such as: throws, bags, purses and cushions.IMG_3154 IMG_3155

The Organic Tartan Process

The process for the organic tartan is completely UK based as all the stages for it take part in different locations of Britain. First of all, the wool originates from Duchy Home Farm, Gloucestershire. It is then sent to Hawarth Scouring in Bradford to be scoured. The wool is then blended, carded and spun into top quality yarn using traditional methods on the historic machinery here at New Lanark World Heritage Site. The yarn is then sent to Bradford to be dyed at Paint Box Textiles and finally finished by Schofield of Galashiels.

Below are pictures off the organic wool being woven into the tartan…


IMG_8885 IMG_8888 IMG_8897 IMG_8902 IMG_8967 IMG_8918 IMG_8904 IMG_8981 IMG_8959 IMG_8935 IMG_8928

As you can see there are many steps during the process of the wool being woven. Each step is carefully monitored and manned to ensure the best quality of tartan is being produced.

Be sure to have a look at our Organic Tartan in the Mill Shop on your next visit to New Lanark World Heritage Site!

Ronan Moore – Marketing Intern

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