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Sue Palmer puts Natural Play on top of the agenda in Lanarkshire

Sue Palmer puts Natural Play on top of the agenda in Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire’s first ever Natural Play conference is taking place in Hamilton this November.  The event has seen unprecedented demand for places since bookings opened last week, reflecting the huge appetite locally for natural play initiatives.

Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood (Orion 2006), will act as keynote speaker for the FREE conference taking place at Hamilton Park Racecourse, which is open to anyone interested in why, where and how children can play outdoors.

Organised in collaboration with South Lanarkshire Countryside Rangers and supported by the William Grant Foundation and Heritage Lottery Fund supported Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership (CAVLP), attendees will be able to find out what activities have been developed locally, as well as join skill-focussed talks and workshops which can be  booked on the day. Workshops will cover a range of topics including loose-parts play, safe campfires, woodland art and much more.

Karen Dobbins, Development Officer for CAVLP Natural Play focussed projects said: “Whether you are a parent, work with children in schools or nurseries, are a child-minder or a play-worker, the conference will offer a valuable opportunity to network and share ideas.”

She continues: “This conference is just a part of the Natural Play initiatives that CAVLP has been involved in establishing locally. Triple award-winning Natural Play and Picnic Area was created at New Lanark in 2014, we’ve had two jam-packed summers of play activities with newly established OutLET: Play Resource and 16 people have received training in Forest Schools.”

As part of the package, schools in and around the Clyde and Avon Valley can also access teacher training to support outdoor learning on local sites. In partnership with Grounds for Learning, CAVLP are offering FREE places on Teaching in Nature, an accredited course to support teachers in their professional development. The course begins on 24 October 2016 at RSPB Scotland Baron’s Haugh, Motherwell and consists of three practical training days spread out over a year. Local schools can book the last remaining spaces by emailing [email protected] or calling 01555 663 430.

Lanarkshire based Growing Up Wild Natural Play initiative is just one in a number of national and international initiatives, which recognise and attempt to redress the disconnect between children and nature in contemporary society. A number of reports highlight this growing disaffection, including Natural Childhood, by Stephen Moss (National Trust, 2012), which reveals that fewer than 1 in 10 children regularly play in wild places.

Acting as keynote speaker for the conference, former head teacher and campaigner for literacy, Sue Palmer, is an advocate for the issues surrounding the effects of contemporary childhood on development and learning. Her books, Toxic Childhood, Detoxing Childhood (2007) and 21st Century Boys (2009), led to her involvement in many campaigns related to modern childhood and she is currently a Board Member of Play Scotland.

“We are honoured to have Sue Palmer as keynote speaker for the conference,” says Susan McNeish, South Lanarkshire Countryside Rangers.

She continues, “We’ve found that there’s been a growing appetite for Natural Play initiatives locally and it’s great to have someone like Sue along who helps connect these local activities to the wider, national conversation. We’d urge any interested parties in coming along to sign up.”

Book your FREE ticket or find out more at, or by contacting the CAVLP Team on 01555 663 430, or emailing [email protected].

Watch the promotional video by searching for ‘Growing Up Wild! Lanarkshire’s First Natural Play Conference’ on

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#OMGB moments at New Lanark World Heritage Site

#OMGB moments at New Lanark World Heritage Site

A hand-picked selection of leading social media experts, industry professionals and travel bloggers are heading to Inverness, Scotland for The Social Travel Summit which is taking place from 20th – 21st September. The Social Travel Summit is where the world’s leading online travel influencers and travel industry decision-makers meet to share, learn and develop best practices and collaborative success in travel marketing and publishing.

As ‘Visit Britain’ are the country host of the summit, we’re taking inspiration from their #OMGB (Oh My Great Britain) campaign which celebrates GREAT Britain as the “Home of Amazing Moments” and encourages visitors to share their own #OMGB moments across social media.

Here are our top #OMNL moments – Oh My New Lanark!

The stunning Falls of Clyde…



New Lanark’s iconic Architecture…



The village’s fascinating History…



The stories of the People who lived there…



You can find out more about The Social Travel Summit here.

Feeling inspired? You can find out more about visiting New Lanark on our website!

Melissa – New Lanark Marketing and PR Officer

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Roof Garden Diary: September 2016

Roof Garden Diary: September 2016

Many thanks to the stalwart team of volunteers from Portakabin who turned up in New Lanark Roof Garden on a wet August day and enthusiastically set about clearing away most of the invasive burnet plant (Sanguisorba officinalis) that was spoiling the garden!   As a result of their efforts, we will now be able to plant some new bulbs in the cleared areas.  Burnet is an attractive plant with tall thin stems, but it is very invasive! If you want to grow it in your garden, the key is to choose a garden variety that doesn’t set seed.

Portakabin volunteers on the New Lanark Roof Garden

Portakabin staff volunteering on the New Lanark Roof Garden

For New Lanark Roof Garden, we now plan to put in allium and daffodil bulbs to give a springtime display.  Daffodils are always cheerful after winter and alliums with their big spherical heads give height and structure, and are also good for early bees and butterflies.

To find out more about visiting the New Lanark Roof Garden please visit the New Lanark website. 

Purple aneomone with hoverfly on the New Lanark Roof Garden

Purple aneomone with hoverfly

 Liz – New Lanark Guest Blogger

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Mapping the Past exhibition

Mapping the Past exhibition

This morning we went to see the newly opened ‘Mapping the Past’ exhibition at Lanark Library. The exhibition and guide explores the unique cartographic heritage of the Clyde and Avon Valley and a 2000 year history of mapping in Scotland, including connections to the Father of Modern Mapping, Carluke born Major-General William Roy and local sites of interest, such as the area’s trig pillars.


The Mapping the Past exhibition and guide launch corresponds with the 80th birthday celebrations of the Trig Pillar this year. The first trig pillar was built by the Ordnance Survey in 1936. These pillars aided in the triangulation of Britain, which was vitally important to the creation of accurate maps of the country.  Around 6500 of these Trig Pillars were constructed, and from 1936 to 1962, OS surveyors gathered measurements to create a highly accurate map of Britain. Approximately 6000 of these still remain – two of which are in the Clyde and Avon Valley area at Black Hill and Milton Head.

The exhibition runs from Monday 12 – Friday 30 September at Lanark Library. It will be open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:15am – 5pm, Tuesday 9:15 – 8pm, Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 9:15 – 5pm. The exhibition will be closed on Sundays.

To find out more about CAVLP Heritage projects and how you can get involved, visit You can contact the team at [email protected] or on 01555 663 430. Follow them on Facebook at or on Twitter to keep up to date with events and workshops.

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My time at New Lanark…

My time at New Lanark…

Throughout the Summer I have been interning here at New Lanark World Heritage Site, gaining work experience before I begin my fourth and final year of university. I have wrote many blogs for New Lanark on a range of different subjects, however, this one is a personal reflection on my time here and what I have covered.

Blog Posts

As I mentioned I have written numerous blogs on a wide range of subjects. I interviewed respective members from each area of the site, such as, Julie Brown from the Mill shop, Andy and Ronnie from the ice cream factory, Julieanne from Health & Fitness and the guys from the textiles floor!


These interviews allowed me to gain an insight into each area and broadcast it onto the blogs. I have also wrote blogs on events that have taken place here at New Lanark such as: BBC Antiques Roadshow, Back in Time Experience and workshops/tours. Personally, one of my favourite blogs was writing the story on a one hundred year-old letter found in Double Row. This is one I am extremely proud of as it was my very first blog and also the most read post on the New Lanark blog ever with over 500 views.


Assisting with New Lanark events

During my time here New Lanark have been very busy with events and I been able to be a part of all of them. The Back in Time Experience allowed me to interact with visitors on a 1-2-1 basis, gaining feedback on their time here – I even got to wear a cool hat…



The BBC’s Antique Roadshow was great fun to be involved in. From putting the signs up around the site the day before to being able to attend the VIP tour on the day. Also, helping on the day with organising drop offs and general stewarding was fun to be part of.


I have also been given the opportunity to take part on one of the popular Hard Hat Tours of Double Row and also participated in a Traditional Building Skills Workshop. Both of these were great to be involved in as they were both very informative.

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Double Row Hard Hat Tour

Market Research  

Recently, in the latter weeks of my internship, I have been conducting a lot of market research on a variety of areas. For example, I have been researching:

  • Local accommodation options
  • Garden centres and cafes
  • Group travel organisers
  • Christmas offerings
  • Local competitors
  • Tourism and Visitor attraction slogans

I have really enjoyed carrying out this research as it has provided me with experience in the field of research, which is crucial to my studies.

Filming at New Lanark

Due to the beautiful landscape surrounding us here at New Lanark, many film crews are interested in filming aspects of the site. During my 3 months(ish) here I have been able to see Historic Environment Scotland, Visit Lanarkshire and of course The Antiques Roadshow film here in New Lanark.


Photo Credit: Frances Shanks

This is something I have never experienced before, being on set with a film crew. I even assisted with the filming of a promotional video for The Back in Time Day, which may have taken more than one take…


Additional Training & External Events

New Lanark have been extremely generous when it comes to inviting me to external events. I was lucky enough to join the team on a Summer networking event on board the Royal Yacht Britannia. This allowed me to socialise with some very interesting people who are interested in the same field as myself. It was also great to see the spectacular attraction!


I was also given the opportunity early on in my time here to attend a Social Media Conference in Edinburgh. We were able to watch speakers deliver their presentations to us which turned out to be very informative and helpful.

New Lanark have also helped me in terms of training and furthering my education. They have highlighted online courses that are available for me to pursue, such as: a Google certified course on Online Marketing Fundamentals. I also took part in an 8 week Web Design course on the Shaw Academy. Finally, I completed an online course in Tourism Marketing and Promotion and I am continuing further courses on the website.

I have also been given the opportunity to attend corporate meetings with the likes of Sky, Clyde 1, The Herald and Capital FM. This was great to be part of as I was able to witness first hand how businesses like these work with each other.

Overall, I have loved my time here at New Lanark as I have been able to be involved in so many different kind of things. From marketing activities to helping out at world-renowned events. Big thanks to Melissa, Jane, Evelyn and all the staff here for making me feel welcome!

Ronan… out *mic drop*

Ronan Moore – New Lanark Marketing Intern

If you would be interested in becoming a New Lanark Marketing volunteer you can find all the relevant information here.

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Days out for Textile Lovers

Days out for Textile Lovers

New Lanark World Heritage Site really does have something for everyone. Whether you are a keen walker interested in woodland trails with beautiful views, or if you are a history fan looking to educate yourself, we’ve got you covered. A large element of New Lanark is the textile side of things, where woollen yarn is produced everyday with the use of traditional methods on a 19th century spinning mule.


When visitors come to see our wool being spun, they are able to get a taste of what it would have been like for the millworkers back in the late 17 hundreds. As soon as you set foot onto the textile floor you can hear and feel the machinery at work. The noise of the 392 spindle, 120ft long, 19th century spinning mule, making 4 passes every minute really gives you an insight to what some of the working conditions would have been like. The 19th century spinning mule is powered by renewable energy from our own hydro-electricity production.

What else does New Lanark have to offer for textile lovers?

Knitting Day! Knitting Day invites textile enthusiasts down to socialise and knit with other textile lovers. This allows visitors to share tips and secrets of the trade with each other. Due to the previous success we have had with Knitting Days, we have decided to make it a monthly occurrence. The next Knitting Day will take place on Sunday the 25th of September in the Mill Shop. Come on down and join in on the knitting fun!

New Lanark's Organic Tartan in production

The Mill Shop is open all year round for visitors to come and have a look at what is on offer. With The Mill Shop offering four different types of wool (Aran, Chunky, Double and Organic) and a range of knitting kits, textile lovers will be able to find the right wool for them! The Mill Shop also have products from ‘Brooks’, a local men’s clothing store, on offer – including lambs wool knitwear and tweed jackets. ‘Joules’ is another brand available in the shop, offering stylish clothes and accessories for women.



Other days out in Scotland for Textile lovers . . .

Scotland’s Jute Museum @ Verdant Works

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Scotland’s Jute Museum @ Verdant Works is a museum in Dundee which tells a tale of the 19th century. You are able to view the original restored machinery and hear stories of the workers from the past. With hands-on interactivities, film showings and multi-media computers, Scotland’s Jute Museum is a must for textile lovers to witness how the weavers helped Dundee in a desperate time.


Borders Textile Towerhouse . . .

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Borders Textile Towerhouse should definitely be on your list if you are a fan of textiles. You can learn the history of the region and also educate yourself with the people and the processes. Designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Chanel and Dior have used the skills of the Borders Textile workers in the past. So head down to Hawick and see what Borders Textile Towerhouse has to offer for yourself!


Johnston of Elgin Cashmere Visitor Centre . . .

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Johnston of Elgin specialise in making a high quality woolen and Cashmere cloth, clothing and accessories and have been doing so since 1797. You are able to go on the free mill tours available every day in Elgin. Enjoy the 5* destination even more by visiting the shop in Elgin and then enjoy the Food Hall where you can feast on some top quality local produce.


Tartan Weaving Mill . . .

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Located on Royal Mile in Edinburgh the Tartan Weaving Mill is a 5 story building which shows how tartan is made into a kilt. From shaving the sheep all the way to the end product. There are working looms on display and you can even get fitted and photographed wearing Scotland’s traditional attire. If you’re in Edinburgh be sure to stop by the Tartan Weaving Mill!


Knockando Woolmill . . .

Picture Credit: Knockando Woolmill

Picture Credit: Knockando Woolmill

Manufacturing since 1784, Knockando Woolmill has allowed generations of families to spin, weave and farm over the past centuries. Still with the original machinery visitors will be able to see how the wool was made, using said machinery. You will also be able to enjoy the wildlife in the garden and the home-made produce in the tearoom. Visit Knockando Woolmill to educate yourself on the wool making industry!

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us here at New Lanark World Heritage Site for knitting days and learning about how New Lanark strived in the textile industry. Be sure to also check out the other textile sites mentioned above!

Ronan Moore – New Lanark Marketing Intern

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Mill Shop August Bestsellers

Mill Shop August Bestsellers

The Mill Shop at New Lanark is much more than just a gift shop! Open 7 days a week, the Mill Shop is a new shopping experience right on your doorstep for people living in Lanark and the local area. From clothing and jewellery to homeware and toys, there is a huge choice of gifting options or treats for yourself! The Mill Shop is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm on Sundays. Find out more about visiting at


These are the Mill Shop’s August Bestsellers!

Times Table Book

IMG_4000 (Large)


Dora – Mr.Fox Door Stop

IMG_4001 (Large)


Powder – Socks

IMG_4002 (Large)


Spirit – Lightweight Bags

IMG_4004 (Large)


Seasalt – Sea Folly Jacket

IMG_4006 (Large)


Peach – Cashmere Mix Pashmina

IMG_4007 (Large)


Joules – Floral Wellie Bobs

IMG_4008 (Large)


Joules – Coast Jacket

IMG_4009 (Large)


CBG – His Lordship / Her Ladyship Keys

IMG_4010 (Large)


Black Yak – Hats & Wristwarmers

IMG_4011 (Large)

IMG_4012 (Large)


Frank Ross – Poppies Collection

IMG_4013 (Large)

Melissa – Marketing and PR Officer

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