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New Lanark Gardens Diary: October 2017

New Lanark Gardens Diary: October 2017

 A Peacock butterfly was one of the last summer butterflies to visit New Lanark Roof Garden during a short warm spell at the end of September.  We can see how it got its name from the large eye shapes on its wings reminiscent of the pattern on a peacock bird.   The  butterfly’s glowing eyespots are thought to be a defensive mechanism to trick predators into thinking it’s a much larger creature.  The autumn nights are drawing in now, but it’s not all bad news, especially for the star gazers among you!  You can start now to enjoy the night sky providing that the skies are clear.  This month Jupiter is not visible, but Venus appears as a bright morning star.   Look out for the Orionid meteor shower, due around 20-21 October near  the constellation (star-shape) Orion in the southern sky.  Orion is the imaginary hunter with his sparkling belt and starry sword!

Walk, Shop and Explore at New Lanark this autumn – there’s lots going on!

Liz – New Lanark Guest Blogger

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A taster of Archaeology at New Lanark

A taster of Archaeology at New Lanark

On Tuesday 18th April New Lanark took part in the global ‘World Heritage Day’ celebrations, showcasing what makes each of the 1,052 UNESCO World Heritage Sites unique and worthy of “outstanding universal value”.

A variety of activities took place at New Lanark over the Easter weekend from 16th – 18th April – all celebrating our unique heritage. These ranged from a Scanathon on Monday, a yarnbomb on Tuesday (you can read all about it here) and three days of Archaeology Taster Tours!

The tours were designed to give visitors a unique opportunity to get a taster of archaeology by seeing volunteers at work excavating post-abandonment deposits from 1 Double Row’s basement. There was an archaeologist on hand to explain the process and let visitors know about any interesting “finds”. As well as visiting the Double Row tenement block, the tour also visited the site of Mantilla Row where visitors had the chance to find out more about this lost building in New Lanark’s history. The tours were delivered by Northlight Heritage.

We went along on the last tour of the series on World Heritage Day…

Inspecting the visible (above ground) archaeology of Mill One – New Lanark Mill Hotel

After three days of excavation work the volunteers begin the backfilling so as to protect the finds for future generations and minimise disruption to the excavated area

Showing some of the fantastic restoration work to the exterior of Double Row

Feature details, like these wrought iron air vents have been maintained throughout the building to create a high-quality and authentic historic conservation

Amy, an Archaeology Student from the University of Glasgow has been volunteering on the Double Row excavation project

One of the three trenches excavated in the basement of 1 Double Row

Excavations have uncovered the fascinating area of paving stones, deliberately arranged so as to have a defined, curved edge – perhaps to allow the flow of another pathway from the doorway into the basement

The scaffolding is in the process of being removed at Double Row

Finishing touches on the stonework

Next on the tour, we saw the demarcation of Mantilla Row – where the exterior walls, doors and windows would have stood

The little-known history of Mantilla Row

A fascinating insight into the many names Mantilla Row has been known as through the years – the exact origins of its name are still unknown, but the presiding theory is that the name has evolved over the years through oral tradition and may have also been altered through interpretation of handwriting or accents!


The Archaeology Taster Tours were funded by a Townscape Heritage / Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme which is taking place at New Lanark over the next three years. Phase 1 of this large scale restoration project began in March 2016 and consisted of the restoration of Double Row, an 18th century tenement building. In 2017, Phase 2 of this project will include the construction of low rubble walls to indicate where the Mantilla Row tenement once stood before its demolition in 1988 and the repair and consolidation of the Church Wall. Total costs for this large scale regeneration project are over £4m. The two main funders are the Heritage Lottery Fund through its Townscape Heritage (TH) programme and Historic Environment Scotland through its Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS). Additional funding has been secured from the Renewable Energy Fund (South Lanarkshire Council), The Wolfson Foundation and New Lanark Trust.


If you would like to be kept up to date about any future activities linked to the project please sign up for New Lanark’s monthly e-newsletter here.

Melissa – Marketing and PR Officer

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Would you like to Knit New Lanark?

Would you like to Knit New Lanark?

Guest blog from Sara at DigIt!

Calling all knitters, crochet-fiends and all other woolcraft folk!  Have you ever wanted to yarnbomb a World Heritage site?

On Tuesday 18th April – World Heritage Day – we’re staging six events across Scotland, one for each of our UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as part of Scotland in Six, an Event Scotland signature event for the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology.  At New Lanark, we’re going to yarnbomb the Institute – the traditional social hub of the village – and have a day of workshops, talks, plenty of tea & biscuits, and of course, knitting!  The event is free but ticketed (so we know how many of you are coming), and you can pick yours up here:

Can’t make it on the day?  Well, we still need your help…

It’s going to take a lot of wool to transform the site, so we’re looking for advance submissions from individuals and groups all over Scotland – and we can offer you a free workshop box to get you started.  Our workshops-in-a-box contain all sorts of goodies, including some suggested patterns, and of course, some New Lanark yarn.  If you’d like one sent out, just email [email protected]  We’re looking for bunting, flowers, vines, squares, and pennants – all kinds of goodies that we can tie to railings, drop out of windows, wrap around pillars, and generally decorate this wonderful site.

So whether you’re a craft group, knitters’ collective, or solo stitcher, we’d love to hear from you!

Sara – DigIt!



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New Lanark Garden Diary – October 2016

New Lanark Garden Diary – October 2016

Instead of the Roof Garden, this month’s diary is from another of New Lanark’s garden spaces, the War Memorial Garden, situated at the foot of the hill just at the entrance to the village.  The planting here includes several buddleia shrubs of the variety called ‘Peace’ with lovely arching spikes of white flowers.  The warm sunshine at the start of October attracted a large number of late summer butterflies seeking out nectar in the buddleia flowers.   The photograph shows several Small Tortoiseshells eagerly feeding before they go into hibernation for the winter.  As their numbers have been declining generally, this was an extra welcome and encouraging sight!

The New Lanark War Memorial is dedicated to soldiers from New Lanark who fought in the first World War. You can find out more about their stories in our semi-permanent exhibition ‘New Lanark and the First World War’.


Liz – New Lanark Guest Blogger

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My time at New Lanark…

My time at New Lanark…

Throughout the Summer I have been interning here at New Lanark World Heritage Site, gaining work experience before I begin my fourth and final year of university. I have wrote many blogs for New Lanark on a range of different subjects, however, this one is a personal reflection on my time here and what I have covered.

Blog Posts

As I mentioned I have written numerous blogs on a wide range of subjects. I interviewed respective members from each area of the site, such as, Julie Brown from the Mill shop, Andy and Ronnie from the ice cream factory, Julieanne from Health & Fitness and the guys from the textiles floor!


These interviews allowed me to gain an insight into each area and broadcast it onto the blogs. I have also wrote blogs on events that have taken place here at New Lanark such as: BBC Antiques Roadshow, Back in Time Experience and workshops/tours. Personally, one of my favourite blogs was writing the story on a one hundred year-old letter found in Double Row. This is one I am extremely proud of as it was my very first blog and also the most read post on the New Lanark blog ever with over 500 views.


Assisting with New Lanark events

During my time here New Lanark have been very busy with events and I been able to be a part of all of them. The Back in Time Experience allowed me to interact with visitors on a 1-2-1 basis, gaining feedback on their time here – I even got to wear a cool hat…



The BBC’s Antique Roadshow was great fun to be involved in. From putting the signs up around the site the day before to being able to attend the VIP tour on the day. Also, helping on the day with organising drop offs and general stewarding was fun to be part of.


I have also been given the opportunity to take part on one of the popular Hard Hat Tours of Double Row and also participated in a Traditional Building Skills Workshop. Both of these were great to be involved in as they were both very informative.

Hard Hat Tour - New Lanark - Double Row

Double Row Hard Hat Tour

Market Research  

Recently, in the latter weeks of my internship, I have been conducting a lot of market research on a variety of areas. For example, I have been researching:

  • Local accommodation options
  • Garden centres and cafes
  • Group travel organisers
  • Christmas offerings
  • Local competitors
  • Tourism and Visitor attraction slogans

I have really enjoyed carrying out this research as it has provided me with experience in the field of research, which is crucial to my studies.

Filming at New Lanark

Due to the beautiful landscape surrounding us here at New Lanark, many film crews are interested in filming aspects of the site. During my 3 months(ish) here I have been able to see Historic Environment Scotland, Visit Lanarkshire and of course The Antiques Roadshow film here in New Lanark.


Photo Credit: Frances Shanks

This is something I have never experienced before, being on set with a film crew. I even assisted with the filming of a promotional video for The Back in Time Day, which may have taken more than one take…


Additional Training & External Events

New Lanark have been extremely generous when it comes to inviting me to external events. I was lucky enough to join the team on a Summer networking event on board the Royal Yacht Britannia. This allowed me to socialise with some very interesting people who are interested in the same field as myself. It was also great to see the spectacular attraction!


I was also given the opportunity early on in my time here to attend a Social Media Conference in Edinburgh. We were able to watch speakers deliver their presentations to us which turned out to be very informative and helpful.

New Lanark have also helped me in terms of training and furthering my education. They have highlighted online courses that are available for me to pursue, such as: a Google certified course on Online Marketing Fundamentals. I also took part in an 8 week Web Design course on the Shaw Academy. Finally, I completed an online course in Tourism Marketing and Promotion and I am continuing further courses on the website.

I have also been given the opportunity to attend corporate meetings with the likes of Sky, Clyde 1, The Herald and Capital FM. This was great to be part of as I was able to witness first hand how businesses like these work with each other.

Overall, I have loved my time here at New Lanark as I have been able to be involved in so many different kind of things. From marketing activities to helping out at world-renowned events. Big thanks to Melissa, Jane, Evelyn and all the staff here for making me feel welcome!

Ronan… out *mic drop*

Ronan Moore – New Lanark Marketing Intern

If you would be interested in becoming a New Lanark Marketing volunteer you can find all the relevant information here.

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New Lanark Mill Shop Father’s Day Gift Ideas

New Lanark Mill Shop Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Take a look at the range of perfect Father’s Day gifts we have in our Mill Shop! From Brooks Menswear Clothing & Accessories to cuff links, wallets and soap – there’s a gift to keep all dads happy! The Mill Shop is open 9am-5pm Mon-Sat and 10am-5pm Sunday.

We also have a range of socks and jumpers made using New Lanark wool available in multiple shades.

(Father’s Day is this Sunday 19th June)






The New Lanark Mill Shop offers a superb range of contemporary gifts, books & Scottish produce. Taking centre stage is New Lanark Wool & Textiles which include yarn produced on site, knitting kits and a selection of textiles. The shop also features gents fashions from local retailer Brooks Menswear.The New Lanark Mill Shop is also the home of the world’s first Organic Tartan, which is exclusivley sold here through a range of beautiful throws, bags, purses and accessories.
Brooks Menswear, a local company, showcase some of the finest gents fashions made in Scotland including an excellent range of lambswool Hawick Knitwear, Harris Tweed jackets and cashmere and lambswool scarves. They also have an extensive choice of shirts, trousers and jackets as well as their very successful gift range from Old Guys Rule.
We are delighted to announce that in July 2016 Joules will be launching in the Mill Shop! Established in Britain over 25 years ago and crafted with true British style and eccentricity, Joules designs upbeat, colourful clothing, footwear and accessories for women who live life to the full.

Melissa – New Lanark Marketing and PR Officer


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New Year, New You? Volunteering in the Valleys

New Year, New You? Volunteering in the Valleys

Get fitter, get out and about or learn a new skill. If any of these sound like your new years’ resolutions for 2016, then look no further than the volunteering opportunities available through Clyde and Avon Valley Landscape Partnership (CAVLP) associated projects.

Whether you like to keep your hands clean or get dirty, be indoors or out, there’s a volunteering opportunity for you in the Clyde and Avon valleys! Opportunities are available for all ages and abilities and can be flexible to suite on your time commitments.

Clydesdale Community Initiatives (CCI) offer free environmental training and volunteering. Join them to repair paths, plant trees and flowers, build fences and more, from Falls of Clyde to Dalzell Estate. Help conserve the wonderful local natural environment and learn new skills, get out into the fresh air and meet new friends whilst doing so. Take a look at the online calendar to see what’s coming up and for booking information:

If you love nothing more than a historic mystery, CAVLP Heritage are looking for volunteers to research the many lesser known historic sites of the Clyde and Avon valleys, starting with ‘Hoolet  Raw’ at Chatelherault Country Park in January. They’re looking for volunteers in map, place name and archival research, archaeological surveys and digitisation. Novice or a pro, get in touch with Paul or Karen at [email protected] / 01555 661 555 to find out how you can help unearth the hidden stories of the historic valleys.

The Glorious Gardens team also need help in unlocking the secrets of the old Clyde valley Estates. Learn or put to use existing historic landscape research and surveying skills, in finding out more about the numerous designed landscapes in the local area which are in danger of being lost forever. If you like the sound of learning new skills, exploring the landscape from the archives as well as on foot and meeting new people while you’re at it, contact Lorna on [email protected] / 0845 901 1142.

Media moguls and office administration volunteers are required by the CAVLP team to help report on and administer the projects they deliver that celebrate the local landscape, heritage and people. This can include putting journalistic, photographic or video production skills to use in reporting on projects out in the landscape, helping maintain the CAVLP website and social media channels, or being a CAVLP ambassador- helping share our news on social media or distributing our quarterly newsletter to local shops, groups, schools and other community hubs. Get in touch at [email protected] / 01555 663 430.

Perhaps you have a passion for a specific site in the Clyde and Avon valleys and want to dedicate your volunteer time exclusively to it – check the details below:

New Lanark, contact [email protected] for general volunteering opportunities or [email protected] for opportunities to get involved in the Double Row restoration project. Call the office on 01555 661 345.

North Lanarkshire Council managed sites including Dalzell Estate, contact Helen Boyle  [email protected] / 01698 402090.

RSPB Baron’s Haugh, contact Stephen [email protected] / 0141 331 0993.

Scottish Wildlife Trust Falls of Clyde, call the office on 01555 665 262.

South Lanarkshire Council managed Chatelherault and Mauldslie woodlands, call 0303 123 1020.

Heritage Lottery Fund supported CAVLP is funded until 2018 to deliver a range of over 70 projects which celebrate the unique and diverse natural and cultural landscape of the Clyde and Avon valleys.

Donna Marshall, CAVLP Programme Manager explains, “Strengthening the connection between people and place is at the heart of all CAVLP projects. Volunteering is a huge part of this programme and we urge people of all ages and abilities to get involved. It’s a great way to learn new skills, get fitter and explore the local landscape whilst making a valuable contribution to local environmental and cultural assets.”

“We’ve had great feedback from volunteers who are already volunteering with CAVLP projects,” says Kirsten Robb, CAVLP Development Officer. “An evaluation of last years’ CCI projects showed that volunteers felt that their confidence, fitness and satisfaction grew greatly from learning a new skill.”

What are you waiting for? Nail those new years’ resolutions and make a big difference to your local community whilst you’re at it.

Get in touch at [email protected] / 01555 663 430 /

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Meet the panto cast of Sister Ella’s Slippers!

Meet the panto cast of Sister Ella’s Slippers!

Arkeen Theatre Company

Director and writer – Joanne Tulips

Musical Director – Raymond Tulips

Arkeen Theatre Company was established in 1997 and have been writing and producing the pantomime in New Lanark for over 15 years.  With stories including Miss Molly’s Curiosity Shop, Maw McLeod’s Festive Treat last year and Sister Ella’s Slippers this year ; our original pantomimes include traditional characters, a few from the future and the past;  within quality, fun and entertaining productions.

Arkeen also have the privilege of delivering many Theatre In Education productions across South Lanarkshire; including the acclaimed production Is This Me?  This production, commissioned by SLC highlights the dangers of Alcohol and Drug abuse in a dynamic way raising awareness for young people at secondary school level.

They have also written and delivered the SLC Artsnet Workshops and Production Safe & Sound for10 years.   This project raises Child Protection issues for P5-7 and has been recognised as ‘good practice’ by HMIe twice.

The dynamic Firework Safety Production Toast by John McClelland has also been a huge hit with audiences from Secondary Schools across SLC; with Arkeen producing 6 successful tours.

Arkeen Theatre Company also work in partnership with Jazzart UK Full time HNC/HND students; touring pantomime around Primary schools in the Glasgow/Lanarkshire area.

New Lanark is no doubt the most picturesque backdrop for Arkeen’s productions with the company also performing their ever-popular Murder Mystery events for the New Lanark Mill Hotel.

Arkeen hope you enjoy this year’s Panto treat, with plenty of booing hissing, laughing, singing and dancing.

EU7A7835 - Version 9 (640x800)

Fiona Harris

Fiona spent 3 years at Motherwell College where she graduated with a BA Hon(s) in Musical Theatre in 2013. Her theatre credits include: Empress in Aladdin at Bathgate Regal. Amy/Sarah in ‘Is This Me  and Kate in Maw McLeods Festive Treat both with Arkeen Theatre Company. Fiona has been fortunate enough to have taught in both Scotland and Northern Ireand teaching drama and dance. This year’s performance will be Fiona’s second appearance at New Lanark and she is thrilled and excited to starring as Princess Ella and a ‘mysterious other’.






Katy-Louise Pritchett

I am delighted to say that this is my 6th Christmas season working for “Arkeen Theatre Company” in the New Lanark pantomime.  This is my favourite time of year.  I trained in “Acting and Performance” then went on to perform in touring theatre and work as an entertainer.  I have produced my own one-woman sing-along shows “The Great Big Sing-a-long”, “Sing-a-long a 60s” and, new this year, “The romantic 40s”.  I now live in Inverness and run my own entertainment business “Trapeze Entertainment” specialising in circus skills and performing arts workshops as well as traditional children’s entertainment throughout the Highlands.  I love my job and there is never a dull moment!



Jonathan Smith

Jonathan Smith

Jonathan is currently in the process of completing his last year of studies at JazzartUK in Motherwell.  He has so far gathered a certificate for musical theatre with distinction from the Trinity College of London.

His theatre credits include: Old Deuteronomy in Cats at Dundee Repertory Theatre. An ensemble in ‘Our House’ at Dundee Repertory theatre.

Jonathan has been fortunate enough to be cast as an extra for Ben Harts’s up and coming BBC 3 show premiering early next year.

This years performance will be Jonathan’s first appearance at New Lanark and he is thrilled and excited to be starring as Prince Charmalot.


Paul Stirrat

Paul Stirrat

This is Paul’s first performance with Arkeen. Paul trained at Motherwell college for three years and gained a B.A.(Hons) in Acting. Since graduating last year Paul has appeared in several independent films, corporate videos and a viral ad. This will be Paul’s debut performance at New Lanark.





Joseph Gallagher

Joseph Gallagher

Joseph is currently studying Musical Theatre at JazzArtUK and is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to understudy both Ugly Stepsisters and Prince Charm-a lot. As part of JazzArtUK Joseph has featured in numerous dance shows including “Go Dance” at the Theatre Royal Glasgow, ensemble in Fiona Kennedys “The Kist” as well as having a feature role in JazzArtUK’s very own pantomime “ The Wiz That Woz”. Joseph would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and he hopes you thoroughly enjoy the show!


Book your tickets now for New Lanark’s Christmas Experience! 

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Roof Garden Diary: July 2015

Roof Garden Diary: July 2015

The flat flowerheads  of the Dark-leaved Elder,  Sambucus nigra ‘Guincho Purple’, show  rich raspberry and cream  colours contrasting with its dark foliage.   Beneath it the milky bellfower, Campanula ‘Loddon Anna’, makes a carpet of green leaves punctuated by rounded heads of lovely pale lilac, bell-shaped flowers.  In the stone troughs, the low cushions of bright purple thyme are attracting lots of bees and hoverflies, and a Painted Lady butterfly has been sunning itself on the warm stonework.  Look out for these butterflies this  summer  –  they look pale brown in flight and have black and orange markings when settled.   Meanwhile the tall golden oat grasses  swish gently in the breeze overhead.   Enjoy the beauties of summer in New Lanark Roof Garden this month!

Liz – New Lanark Guest Blogger

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