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13/09/12 New Lanark Wool & Textiles # , , ,

New Lanark Wool Used in Tapestry Exhibition

Don’t miss the ‘Inspired Landscapes’ exhibition of wall hangings by Forth Community Resource Centre, in the River Room at New Lanark until 11 October.  The hangings are approximately the size of postcards and are very appealing.  Inspired by local landscapes, many of the tapestry items are woven from New Lanark wool in soft natural colours. Weaving, embroidery and crochet stitches are combined to create impressions of trees, water, moorland and hills.  One hanging shows Dundaff Linn waterfall at the end of New Lanark village.  Brilliant!

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07/09/12 Roof Garden # ,

Roof Garden Diary September 2012

Summer is gradually slinking away but a whole new set of flowers has appeared at the start of autumn in New Lanark Roof Garden.  Purple anemones are coming out, and there are beautiful Japanese anemones with clear white petals and orange centres.  Dazzling yellow stars of coreopsis glow beneath the owl sculpture.  The button-shaped flower heads of lavender cotton (Santolina) are fading fast, and smell like sweaty socks! On the other side of the garden, scores of hoverflies are attracted to the pale mauve spikes of heather ‘Silver Knight’. The swallows are still around but will soon be leaving for warmer climes as the temperature drops.

In flower in September – purple anemone, Japanese anemone ‘Honorine Jobert’, Russian sage‘ Blue Spire’, coreopsis verticillata, heather (Calluna) ‘Silver Knight’, penstemon ‘Amelia Jane’, liatris spicata, rudbeckia ‘Herbstonne’, buddleia davidii ‘Harlequin’.

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14/08/12 Roof Garden #

Roof Garden Diary – August 2012

The weather may have improved, but this August  we have no flowering yucca and no butterflies in New Lanark Roof Garden!  However, the lavender has braved the rain and the lovely bell-shaped flowers of penstemons add a touch of crimson.  Meadowsweet, which also grows wild in watery meadows, has tall scented heads of fluffy white flowers, and the flowerheads of santolina shine out like yellow buttons.  All these plants are attractive to the bees and hoverflies that appear whenever the weather is fine.   The swallows are still around.  Down below in the mill lade, small yellow monkey flowers are growing wild along with water mint and marsh forget-me-nots. The water-loving plants have had a great summer! 

In flower this month  – Lavender, penstemon ‘Amelia Jane’, meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria), lavender cotton (Santolina chamaecyparissus), Philadelphus coronarius ‘Aureus’, clematis, Himalayan honeysuckle and various grasses.



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01/08/12 Roof Garden # , ,

Roof Garden Diary – July 2012

Either it has been raining heavily or a gentle misty smirr has enveloped New Lanark Roof Garden. In the constant wet conditions, the flowers have struggled, but the old cottage garden favourites have done best. In the troughs there are bright purple cushions of thyme beside spikes of blue lavender. The lovely pale pink rose ‘Penelope’ is covered in flowers with more buds to come and tall spires of foxgloves and meadow rue give soft colour and height to the garden. Even in the rain, the honeysuckle twining around the wooden owl’s plinth is sweet-scented. Also known as woodbine, honeysuckle appears in Shakespeare’s magical play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” where it forms a canopy over the sleeping Fairy Queen! So bring your umbrella and enjoy!
Click here for details of summer events. In flower : thyme, lavender, sage, astrantia, honeysuckle, lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’, penstemon ‘Amelia Jane’, hebe ‘Midsummer Beauty’, rosa ‘Penelope’.

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18/06/12 New Lanark Visitor Centre , Roof Garden # ,

Roof Garden diary update – June 2012

Alium in the Roof Garden

Alium in the Roof Garden

June 2012 – The big purple spheres of the allium heads look stunning now, even when beaded with raindrops! They attract bees whenever the temperature rises. Chocolate-coloured leaves and tiny pink flowers adorn the black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) ‘Guincho Purple’. The flowers have red stems and are borne in flattened heads called cymes. Contrasting with these purples and pinks are the showy yellow blooms of flag iris (Iris pseudacorus) and the lemon foliage of the sedge, Carex flagellifera. Honeysuckle twines around the owl sculpture, the flowers just opening to perfume the cool evening air.
In flower in June – allium, chives, thyme, honeysuckle, black elder ‘Guincho Purple’, yellow flag iris, Deutzia, weeping brown sedge (Carex flagellifera), giant feather grass (Stipa gigantea).

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23/05/12 Events at New Lanark , New Lanark Visitor Centre , New Lanark World Heritage Site , Roof Garden # , , ,

Roof Garden diary update – May 2012

Blushing tulip close up on Roof Garden

Blushing tulip close up on Roof Garden

“In May the pleasant spray upsprings / In May the mirthful mavis sings”. These rhythmic lines from Alexander Scott’s joyful poem about May were written in Edinburgh in the 16th century, but could be describing New Lanark Roof Garden today! The hornbeam hedges are sporting fresh green leaves, the elder blossom is coming out, the woolly willow is covered in furry catkins and the tulips are blooming. From the surrounding countryside arise the notes of the mavis (song thrush) and other birdsong. The swallows are back, swooping low to catch insects in the valley. Also remember – our Midsummer on the Roof Garden Event takes place next month – visit www.newlanark.org for details.

In flower in May: Kerria Japonica, tulips ‘Spring Green’ and ‘Blushing Bride’, elder, winter creeper (Euonymus) ‘Emerald Gaiety’, woolly willow (Salix lanata).

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09/05/12 Behind the scenes at New Lanark

Internship at New Lanark


My name is Catherine Carver. I am a student from the University of Southern Indiana. I will be arriving in New Lanark on Friday as an intern and I am so thrilled and excited to meet you all! I can’t wait to get started working. See you then!

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25/04/12 Behind the scenes at New Lanark , New Lanark World Heritage Site # ,

Search Room – a volunteer’s tale

New Lanark Trust has started work on an exciting project to digitise its archives and I am one of 6 volunters recruited to help with the development of the project. I thought it would be a good idea to record our experiences right from the beginning, so this is the first of what I hope will be many posts from us volunteers. We have a lot to learn! We have all completed the formal induction process and have three days of training in collections management, digitisation and on-line archiving – all the material will be made available on line in the fullness of time. I think I speak for all the volunteers when I say that we are really looking forward to getting started. So… watch this space!

18 May

spent two days this week at New Lanark learning about collections managment – still very much a paper based system with forms in triplicate for taking in items, recording movement, disposal etc.  On the second day we got to play – practicing marking items in a variety of ways – marking with permanent markers, sewing on labels and sticking on labels with wheat starch paste.  We also handled artifacts wearing white cotton gloves!

next Wednesday we are learing how to use the eHive on-line archiving system before we start work for real the following week.  Knowing  the amount of photos New Lanark has in the filing cabinets I imagine we will have our work cut out!

special welcome to Catherine, our intern from the University of Southern Indiana, who is sharing this journey with us for 6 weeks.

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20/04/12 New Lanark Visitor Centre , Roof Garden , SWT Falls of Clyde Visitor Centre and Wildlife Reserve # , , , ,

Roof Garden diary update – April 2012

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Winter may be back, but the soaring temperatures in the last week of March brought the first bumblebee and a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly into New Lanark Roof Garden. Luckily there was a stray dandelion flower to provide much-needed nectar! The shrubs are now unfurling new leaves and there are hints of blossom beginning. In the case of Pieris, the emerging foliage is an eye-catching red colour. Throughout April, different varieties of daffodil will be in bloom, e.g. ‘Doctor Hugh’, with clear white petals and a rich orange cup in the centre. The lovely Narcissus ‘Lemon Beauty’ is scented and its central cup is split and streaked with yellow. So, make a cheering Spring visit to New Lanark Roof Garden! Click here for details of all our events. In flower April 2012 – Kerria Japonica, Philadelphus coronarius ‘Aureus’ (Mock Orange), Daffodil varieties: ‘Lemon Beauty’, ‘Doctor Hugh’ and ‘Pueblo’.

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06/03/12 Events at New Lanark , New Lanark Visitor Centre , Roof Garden # ,

Roof Garden diary update – March 2012

Daffodil on the Roof Garden

Daffodil on the Roof Garden

March 2012 –
Spring-flowering bulbs are always a welcome sight after winter. The snowdrops are already fading, but February’s mild weather brought the first daffodils (Narcissus) slightly earlier than last year. The sturdy ‘Rynvelds Early Sensation’ glows with vibrant yellow trumpets surrounded by paler creamy yellow petals. Different varieties will appear in the weeks ahead. This is also the best time to see the animal and bird sculptures around New Lanark Roof Garden before the vegetation grows up and conceals them. Made by local artists from recycled materials, all the sculptures represent creatures that live in the surrounding countryside, e.g. frogs, otters, owls, crows, badgers and hares. Come and see who will be hiding in New Lanark Roof Garden at Easter! Click here for details of our spring activities.
In flower in March – Daffodils

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