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Hey Ho, On The Tour l Go

Hey Ho, On The Tour l Go

Afternoon all,

Craig St John , Marketing Intern here , about to regal you in the tale of my first experience of the New Lanark World Heritage Site’s Guided Tour, and little did l know l was in for a treat.

I, like most who visit here , have fond memories of visiting New Lanark in my younger days, whether it was a school trip, day out with the family or just out for a leisurely stroll up the River Clyde, those memories stay with you all your days , but l never truly took in the vast amount of history this place was built upon, that is  until l was invited to take the Guided Tour, and as you imagine l jumped at the chance.

The Tour

Why go on the tour you ask ?

Well the tour is designed to give  visitors the chance to learn about the Mills rise through the industrial revolution.

The tour began just outside the Institute for the Formation of Character, where we were greeted by our tour guide Lesli, who’s passion for New Lanark was truly evident, as she took us back to the beginning of New Lanark. Lesli was very engaging with the visitors , involving them in her tour and the banter was truly flowing.

I always thought it was Robert Owen who got the ball rolling at New Lanark, but it was in fact his father in- law  David Dale , who took 15 years to build  some of the Mills we see today. Trading mostly in cotton shipped over from America and wool from the sheep on our own doorstep. It wasn’t until Robert was welcomed into the family, by marrying David Dale’s daughter, that things really got started at New Lanark

What was really surprising was when Lesli informed us that in the beginning, children as young as six worked the Mills (Its a good thing most of us were born in the 20th century). Robert Owen’s tenure ensured that this stopped of course, his belief was that every child had the right to a education and the right to play.

Lesli also informed us that back then , Robert wanted New Lanark to be a hub for all cultures and nationalities, bringing people together for the common good (She also mentioned that he didn’t like wee Weeji’s or  Edinbronians coming down to spy on his work, which l though was hilarious).

Next on the tour was the wash house,  and Lesli informed that this was the main meeting place where if you had the gift of the gab ( like most woman do )  this was the perfect place for women to socialise and gossip till their heart’s were content.

We were then taken through to witness the living conditions of the townspeople of New Lanark, and it was fare to say it seemed like a bit of a tight squeeze, but they made the best out of the situation, even if they had to life with the chamber pot under the bed , which contents funnily enough Robert Owen (ever the visionary) sold to farmers for fertiliser for crops.

To end the tour  we had a nice stroll by the River Clyde, taking in natures beauty and serenity.

Sound Off

Obviously, l am not going to spoil the full context of the tour, but if your a history buff like myself or you just looking for a super day out please visit:, call us on 01555 661345 or email [email protected]

Click here to find out more about New Lanark’s Daily Guided Tours

But from me it’s

Ciao For Now

Craig- New Lanark Marketing Intern

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Meet the Guides: Alex

Meet the Guides: Alex

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a blog to introduce you to our new team members…

Name: Alex Davies

Hometown: Dunbar

When did you start working at New Lanark? March 2017

What is your dream job or career? To be a museum education officer or a children’s author.

What’s your favourite spot at New Lanark? By the Falls.

What’s your favourite aspect of New Lanark’s history? Robert Owen and what he did to make his Millworkers lives better.

What’s your favourite thing about working at New Lanark? Friendly people and a beautiful place to work.

If you had to describe New Lanark in one word, what would it be? Inspiring!

If you could invite any character or person from history to a dinner party, who would it be and why? Oscar Wilde – I think he’d be very witty.

If you could live in any period of history what would it be and why? 1890s in France, I like Art Nouveau.

What other Scottish attractions or historical locations do you enjoy visiting? National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

As part of Alex’s role as one of our Visitor Attraction Assistants he will be helping deliver our new programme of ‘Story of New Lanark’ guided tours which will be running daily at 11am and 2pm. The tours are included with a Visitor Attraction ticket or visitors can also pay £5 seperately to just go on one of the tours.

You can find out more about visiting New Lanark and purchase Visitor Attraction tickets online at

Alex and our other new staff members

Melissa – New Lanark Marketing and PR Officer

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New staff guiding the way at New Lanark World Heritage Site

New staff guiding the way at New Lanark World Heritage Site

New Lanark is preparing for a busy spring season by welcoming on board 6 lively new staff members who will be offering visitors guided tours of the historic village as part of their new role along with our existing tour guides.

The new staff members all have a keen interest in history and are delighted to be working at one of Scotland’s 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – “Revolutionary, Unexpected, Scenic and Inspirational” are some of the words they used when asked to describe New Lanark in one word.

Claudia Castelini, one of the new Visitor Attraction Assistants said “My favourite thing about working at New Lanark is the interest and enthusiasm you can create when telling visitors about all of the significant events in the village’s history”. Ciaran Cruise also added that he is “proud to say we’re still a living and working community”.

Left to right: Claudia Castellini, Josh Currie, Alexandra Davies, Jamie McCaw, Paige Hughes and Darren Hardie.

Left to right: Claudia Castellini, Josh Currie, Alexandra Davies, Jamie McCaw, Paige Hughes and Darren Hardie.

Visitors will be able to discover more about the fascinating history of the village through ‘The Story of New Lanark’ guided tours which will last around 45 minutes and highlight the key historical milestones on the village’s timeline that helped shape it into the UNESCO World Heritage Site it is today. The tours will be running twice daily at 11am and 2pm and will be included in the price of the New Lanark Visitor Attraction ticket. Additional thematic and behind the scenes tours will be rolled out later in the year, giving visitors the chance to discover more about the buildings, power, industry and people that shaped New Lanark.

Visitors who don’t have time to visit the whole Visitor Attraction, or have visited before can still have a chance to discover more about the history of the village by paying £5 to join one of the tours.

Jane Masters, New Lanark Heritage Manager said “Following public consultation through our online survey we discovered that a large proportion of our visitors were keen to learn more about the history of New Lanark through guided tours. We’re delighted that we are now able to begin offering these tours and would like to give a very warm welcome to all of our new staff”.

New Lanark is a perfect day out this Easter for all ages where visitors can explore the New Lanark Visitor Attraction, enjoy a guided tour, walk to the Falls of Clyde or simply enjoy a picnic at Clearburn Play and Picnic Area. In the village there are also Mill Shops, the informal Mill Café for light bites and the stunning Mill One Restaurant for exquisite Scottish dining.

Further information on visiting New Lanark and tickets can be purchased at

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